Are you in need of salvation? Are you in a cycle of evil with no end? Whether your troubles be Financial in nature, or lack of Parnassah, or in need of a place to live, or in need of Shidduch; Rabbeinu Ha’Kadosh dealt with it in His teachings. In the list of remedies are Tzedakah, Bitachon, Emunah, Hitbodedut prayers (Seclusion with God), Modesty, Self Sacrifice, etc.


The first thing that one should do is to concentrate his effort and energy in Knowing God. How is this done? It is taught to us that all our problems and lacks in our life are all due to one main issue; what is it? Knowing the omnipresence of the Almighty [i.e. being aware that wherever we are at any given time, we are always standing in the presence of the Eternal, Ha’Kadosh Baruch Hu]; therefore one must work constantly in getting his mind accustomed to the fact that HaShem or His Divine Presence or His Kavod (Glory) fills both the heavens and the earth, there is no place in the Universe where He is not (Chas Ve’Shalom), for everything needs His Divine Sparks to continue being.

One of the ways to view the upcoming perfect world in the near future, in time when there will not be any lack for anything, because everything will be complete and perfect; it is a time in which *the knowledge of His Kavod will fill the whole of creation, just like water fills the sea and the oceans. Therefore, by establishing in our mind the fact that God’s Divine Presence is already here (i.e. only the knowledge is lacking), already filling everything, we then are tapping into the perfection of a world without lack which is reserved for the days of Mashiach.

In Lukutey Etzot 20 find the following: One must know that the whole earth is filled with His glory, and that there is no place void of Him, and He fills all the universes and surrounds all the universes. Even one who does business among the gentiles cannot apologize and say that it is impossible to serve HaShem because of the density and worldliness that always falls upon him as a result of the business that he always does among them. For in all worldly things and in all the languages of the nations, one can find Godliness in them. For without Godliness, they have no source of life and existence at all, rather, that which is on a lower level has its [source of] Godliness in greater contraction and it (the Godliness) is clothed in many more garments. (From Likutei Moharan I, 33)


Then after we dominate that thought, establishing for ourselves the “Shiviti Ha’Shem Tamid Lenegdi (Psalm 16:8)” (Placing God always in front of our eyes), then we should be acquainted with certain facts or things that should become a habit for us; such as talking to God in Hitbodedut Prayers, as it is written in Sefer Ha’Midot 265:3: “Through Hitbodidut (speaking to God in seclusion in our own words) salvation comes. We must work on our character traits (Midot), examine ourselves continually to make due corrections, (1) A miracle is only done for someone who has self-sacrifice to sanctify the name of God, which can be achieved by emulating the Holy one, Blessed be He, there is sanctification and honor in imitating him. In other words, He is blessed and honored by us walking in His ways (Derech HaShem Lalechet), the other thing to know is that we most practice rejoicing in the middle of troubles, for it is also taught that (2) One who is joyous amidst suffering brings or draws down salvation to himself. As it is written: [Zeh HaYom Asah Ha'Shem] "this is the day that HaShem has made, let's rejoice and be glad in it (Psalm 118:24)." We are also to bring joy to others, like the mitzvah to include a Levite, a Kohen in our joy, although in our days this is better achieved on a personal level when we bring joy to a Tzadik, (11) One who needs salvation should give happiness to the Tzaddik.


It is now common knowledge among many in our people that (5) Tzedakah (Giving Charity) could open the windows of Heaven to pour down “Siata di’Shemaya”, Divine Help from above, meaning that those who are generous in giving charity and doing acts of kindness would be working to bring down their own salvation. (13) Through charity you will get the merit for your salvation to come from God directly, and not from human (i.e. not through other people). However, one must keep in mind that we are often put to test, and that the greater the salvation is, the heavier the test could be and that (4) through one's passing the test, a miracle is done for him.

Another thing that is also important, is that when working on our character traits, we must work of developing a life of Tziniut (modesty), one must be modest in his speech, walk, dress, etc. Even when we go to the lavatory, we are to do a concerted effort not to exhibit too much of ourselves, (6) Through the modesty of a man, he receives in return, all the good that was taken from him by another through the other's prayers, one must avoid any form of Avodah Zarah (Idolatry), refraining even from taking the names of other gods in our lips, for it is said that “(10) One who does not mention the names of foreign deities, the Holy One -Blessed be He, operates and does favors for him.” And the other element, that follows in the heels of modesty, is morality in our intimacy; because by being immoral, unethical; or by practicing the wrong and casual lifestyle, that is common in our generation, we would indeed be sabotaging our redemption and deliverance; which we are in need of; a promiscuous and immoral person will not be assisted from above, in the way he might be expecting, as it is taught to us in Sefer Ha’Midot: (7) A miracle is not done for someone who is promiscuous in his lifestyle.

On the other hand, although we are sometimes in desperate need for a miracle, we should not depend on it, when there is natural means to achieve our salvation; so to speak, finding the solutions to our hardships is commendable if possible. Ex. We are not to depend on a miracle (8), as long as it is possible to be saved through money or other physical means.

As mentioned above the greater the salvation, the heavier the test; if the redemption is to be astronomically big, the challenges we must face or that precede it, are also very great in magnitude, as it is also taught (9) “Before the Holy One -Blessed be He- does a miracle for a person, he or she falls into evil completely, according to the magnitude of the miracle.

The Last Element in This Topic of Salvation is Bitachon

What is Bitachon and What does the Torah say about Bitachon? From a quick search in the dictionary, we find that it means Security, Trust, to Rely on, Faith and Assurance. Etymology: Bitachon comes from the root word "Batach" meaning Trusted, which is the past for Trust, other words in the same family are: Libtoach (To Trust), Betach (Sure, of course), Bituach (Insurance); Bituach Leumi (Social Security).

"The answer to the question of what is Bitachon, lies in understanding the distinction between Emunah (Faith) and Bitachon (Trust). The Rambam defines Emunah as the knowledge that Ha’Shem created and continues to run the whole of Creation (i. e. He is always in everything everywhere at all time). Simply put, nothing can exist and no activity can occur without His direct intervention. Bitachon, however, is quite different, it is not faith but the total Trust and Assurance in God. The “Chovot Halevovot” defines Bitachon as trusting in Ha’Shem. It is a sense of relying on the Eternal God to watch over and protect me, as if to say, 'I take my heavy burden and place it on Ha’Shem.'"

It is the trust in HaShem -  One might discover after a research on the topic that Bitachon is in fact, one of the most prominent themes of Jewish scriptures, especially in times when it becomes difficult to trust. However, while experiencing unexpected hardships in our lives, it is crucial for our spiritual health that we reinforce our Bitachon in God as the Tanakh encourages. Although not an easy feat, to trust in God could save you from an unredeemable decision you may make in anger or sadness that could ruin your life. Like Shlomo Ha’Melech said in Proverbs 3:5 “[Betach El Ha’Shem] Trust in the Eternal with all your heart, and lean not upon your own understanding.” As Rabbeinu teaches that (12) Through Bitachon (having trust), a man is saved (or is ejected) from his troubles. Also important is to know that (14) Through Bitachon you will get the merit to understand that your salvation comes from God, and not from human beings. (16) When a person comes to a test (difficult challenges), he should know that if he stands in it (i.e. not succumb to temptation), the Holy One, Blessed be He, will do a miracle for him.

Humility is also a great asset in our salvation. One must be humble and trust in the words (the Torah) of God. (21) Through humility comes our salvation. We must acknowledge and remind ourselves, that He is the only One who is God, and He will be exalted among the nations through us, his people as it is written: [Ki Anochi Elokim Arum Ba'Goyim, Arum Ba'Aretz] “Let be, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth (Tehillim /Psalm 46:11).” So Bitachon (Trust) in HaShem is an insurance policy, (15) Also know that by Bitachon in the truth (Trusting in the Torah) you will get the merit for this salvation. (23) A miracle comes through truth (the word of God). (22) Do your Avodat Ha’Shem with joy, namely praying the set prayers and Hitbodedut deliverance comes, for “One who prays joyfully will merit rejoicing in His salvation.”

Talmud Torah is also necessary (18), as it is written, Torah learning is equivalent to keeping all the commandments (613) in the Jewish bible. “Through learning in a standing position, one annuls the scheming of the nations.” Another thing is to recognize that we are not an island standing alone in an ocean of troubles, we have instructions in his Torah, and we have the Tzadik of the generation, (17) Through Bitachon (in God, the Torah, and the Tzadik as well as our sages), one merits to rejoice in the Chesed (Divine kindness) of the Blessed God. Ha’Kadosh Baruch Hu, is a Chasid, Chesed (Kindness) is part of his essence, (20) Through Bitachon, Divine kindness will be met out to you.

David Ha’Melech tells us to Commit our way unto HaShem; as he says: “U Batach Alav Ve’Hu Ya’Aseh”, and Trust in Him, and He will make it happen. And HaShem will make your Tzedakah Shine, meaning your righteousness and charity giving will go forth shining and turning your darkness to be similar to the light at noonday. And David Ha’Melech, alav Ha’Shalom says further that we must Resign ourselves unto the Eternal God, and wait patiently for Him; and to stay away from worries, and not to envy those who prosper in their evil way .. For evil-doers will be cut off; but those who wait to be rescued by God, they will inherit the earth. Psalm 37:5-7)

Finally, it is also important to know that through Fasting we are given the merit to pass the test. As it is taught: (19) Through a fast, a man is saved from death. If we don’t know how to fast, we have a blueprint for a special Taanit (afflicting oneself) in most Sidduring and it is called BeHar (Monday, Thursday and Monday).

By Rabbi Nachman Ben Simcha Ben Feige ZT"L

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