A fateful Witness in the story of Revital Levy

Hi! My name is Revital Levy Giled. I was born and raised in a traditional religious observance of the Shabbat. By the age of 16, everything was normal; I kept Shabbatot, attended religious school and everything was fine. At 16, one night I got out of my body! What is it to get out of the body? It's just to see and look at yourself sleeping on the bed from above.


I had no desire for that to happen, I didn't think about it, I didn't dream it, but it happened! I could see myself hovering over my body when I had no ability to do anything about it, I had no ability to move! The feeling is not terrible, it is pleasant to hover over your body. Immediately after a few seconds, I said goodbye to my body! I started to go up,  and up, and up away from the body, and far above I could still see myself sleeping in the coat on the bed with my face, and I realized that I was moving away from my body. 

I did not understand that this is what death was, I did not understand that my soul had left the body. I had no idea about that! Suddenly, a human figure, a male like an ordinary person like me, came up to me and took me up. He said to me, "Come on!" He took me up above; we went Higher, higher, and higher! It was  darkness! Like night! Very high altitude!


From up above where I was, I look down and I could see red rivers of fire! I didn't understand what that was. There were like Red rivers of fire standing out in the background of the night. It appears that there were Red and yellow and orange fire. It was a huge place. I was powerless, the only thing I could do was to look. So I look at him who was with me and he said to me: "It is not yet your time! Come back down! It is not yet your time!" So I went back down to my body. I couldn't remember the way back down.

I had no idea how I got back to my body. But when I woke up, I remembered everything that had happened very well! But, I didn't tell anyone. Well, as time went by and I did no longer attach much importance to this whole thing, I just always knew that I had been up there; I always remembered very well how it was; although, my interpretation of it was not correct.


Then two years afterward, I turned 18 years old; I graduated from a religious school for girls - 3 years of high school. Then I was drafted for military service in the army ... and so I moved away from God, and left the religion! I didn’t keep Shabbat anymore, and it was awful! Except that I didn't feel anything negative yet; It all seemed normal to me: Shabbat, after Shabbat, I kept lighting fire, doing everything as usual. Back Home I was a little bit religious, but then After a few years, I got married to a secular man. I was 25, when I got released from the army and I continued to be secular woman and had two children - two sons, and with all that God did not give up! He didn't give up on me! I thought that everything was fine and that this is the way my life was supposed to be, so as far as I am concerned everything was fine. 

I was not doing anything wrong to anyone ... As I hear so many people always saying: "I'm not doing anything wrong to anyone, I'm a good person, I'm a donor, I give Tzeddakah, I'm a kind person, why would God want to harm me?"


However, the truth is, he doesn't give up so easily. Even if someone doesn't acknowledge him. And so at age 27 my husband, I, and the two children were asleep close to each other. In the middle of that night I came out of my body again, but this time I did not come back like before! This time I went into a tunnel with huge light! 

A Huge tunnel made of light! And I was swirling into the tunnel of light, and the feeling was very pleasant! It was quiet, and peaceful as the light was flooding around me! The whole world becomes like one massive light! I didn't know where I was! I could hear, I could see, but I didn't know where I was! I was in a state of dimming! I didn’t want anything! There was nothing in my hands! I didn't know what to do with myself.


I had no clue where I was; but I was very aware that I was in a tunnel of light! This continued for several seconds, when suddenly this light spoke to me! I realized that the light was an entity - a good and kind being, a being full of mercy, and love. As the Light was surrounding me, it asked me, "What's your name?" Was I at peace to be having a conversation with the Light. Of course not, I could not answer the question! It was almost impossible for me! I was terrified. 

It is like I was suddenly stroked by thousand waves of fear! I don’t know how to explain this to anyone, you simply have to be there and live it to understand it! The only thing I can say is that when you hear the words: "What's your name?" The Fear that hit you at that particular moment cannot be described! To have someone talking to me and I can't see him! 

I Just could not answer, and so a few seconds went by and the question was asked to me again: "What's your name?" And this time however somehow, with unexplained powers, I trusted and said, I said my name is "Revital!" 


Once I said the word "Revital", the whole scenery immediately changed! I was now in a huge hall with gray columns. Everything is gray all around me. Everything is almost dim and dark! There was not much light. I couldn't see what was going on, and suddenly there were three Judges (Dayanim) three great rabbis! Huge! And they sat in front of me. 

They had a large table, and all three of them were dressed in black, except for the one I saw on my left, he was wearing a very white overcoat on his head, he had like a white cloak over his head. I still did not understand where I was, and my great grandfather's were already standing there about 20 meters away from me on the right side! They moved towards me happily with outstretched arms: 

"So you came to us", they were so happy to meet me! There were also other characters behind them which I didn't recognize, probably other relatives who had also passed away. I knew right away that I was now in the world of the Truth! As I started to cry my great grandparents immediately disappeared, and those who remained in front of me were only the judges, the prosecutors of that heavenly court of “Lemala”!


I was severely judged on Hillul "Shabbat” and violation of the laws of “Tziniut"  (for breaking the laws of Shabbat and "Modesty"). The Dayan (the Judges) were very angry with me! They slandered me and were angry with me: "Why didn't you keep the Shabbat?! Why didn't you keep the laws of Modesty?!" I was asked many questions, and I had no answers ... what could I tell them? 

I simply had no answers! That’s the world of truth! There are no excuses there! What could I say? I didn't deserve anything, I didn't have any strength, I didn't want it either? Growing up on the earth I didn't think it was real. I was not told it was real. I attended a religious school for 12 years, but no one told me that this really existed, that all this was real - that there was a court to judge people for their virtue!

So facing such a reality, the only thing I could do I did. I cried and begged them for my life! But at that very moment I knew that nothing could help me, and I knew it! Because in the world of truth up above, you just know that you know.


Before I could realize what their next step in my judgment was going to be, they immediately showed me a movie of my entire life. Everything I did, all the bad things I did. Everything unfolds right there in the open before everyone’s eyes! Everyone was seeing my bad deeds! Just as it is written: "A man who secretly commits sins (crimes against the creator) is paid back in the open (Publicly)!" That's exactly how it was! I'm just a living witness to the fact that it is so. And so they showed me all my actions! I was 

so ashamed beyond belief! The only feelings up there is just grief, Regret and shame! Great shame! Terrible grief and unthinkable remorse! I was right there as a soul, I had no body. I was like planted on the spot; I couldn't run away! 

They had complete control over everything! I felt so tiny to be there next to them! I was so small and lost! And I knew had no chance! I had no chance! Everything was almost all bad! The only thing that went through my mind in those moments was: If I had one more commandment left that I could do, one more Mitzvah, even one little thing ... 

Please give me one more chance !! I was there with my face looking down! All I wanted was to get back down to the world I'm used to, the world I lived in, I really wanted to go back to the earth! But I knew there was no more chance for me, but all I wanted - my whole being was actually getting into this one thing. Let me live to create a team (group) that would save me! Because I understood that this was the world of truth! And I now understood with my whole being what I could help with; at least just one Mitzvah (commandment)! However, I also knew that due to the fact that I was in the world of truth, I no longer had the merit for a chance! My time was up! That was it!


I realized that I didn’t accomplish much, I was only 27! I didn't provide much to the world. All I had left was regret and sorrow for not providing much, that I didn't have enough done. I had no good deeds, or Something, so to speak that could stand in my favour in the world of Truth; Anything that my defenders could say: "Oh! Look what she did! Anything that would worth me being returned!". Nothing! I had absolutely nothing! I didn't keep Shabbat! I did not keep the commandments! I missed much! I went through life exposing my skin for everyone to see me for free; wearing short mini skirts and short shirts, all hacks! My Jeans were all hacks too!

I cried and I beg but nothing helped! To them, a woman who did not walk modestly is a terrible thing! A woman must be and dress modestly and keep Shabbat. Of course, it included, the candle lights, of course Taharat (i.e laws of family purity). Everything that has to do with the covenant and the commandments from God to the Jewish people - I did not do, and I admit it!


Don't do like me! Now my only merit, if possible is to awaken as many as possible, while trying to atone for my own wrongdoing! That's part of the deal, and also to win others for the sake of heaven. I kept crying! I Kept screaming! As I realized I was not coming back to this world! I was no longer going to see my husband and my children! 

The grief was very deep! Deep deep grief! So deep I cannot even describe it in words! The sorrow and grief of a person who did not do the will of God, who did not keep not even one commandment, and who did not obey the Torah (the Bible). 

And disregarded everything, and didn't believe that God was paying attention and taking note of everything. I certainly didn't think it was like that. Just like many other people don't think so either on the whole earth. That's why I'm back here now! After this awful movie, in which I was greatly put to shame by my own sins  showed to everyone in public; then on my left side appeared another movie, this one was neither good nor bad, they just showed me, from my birth all the way up until my last hours of life. 

Just to tell you how they missed nothing from someone’s life, they actually Show a person’s lifespan all the way to the days of his childhood and infancy unto the very end. It was shocking! I realized that fact while signing and closing down on myself; yet I still couldn't do anything about it! I cried, begged! And pleaded: "Help me! Please, please give me another chance!" ... But there was no way to convince them!

They were very angry! I didn't recognize any of the judges! I don't think I ever knew any of them! This went on for an unimaginable length of time; time doesn’t exist up above in the world of Truth. No clock, no time. Only in our world down here below is there such a thing as clock to help us fulfill the commandment on time. 

So that we can go to prayer on time, that we can do the ordinances in their appointed times and Seasons; Shacharit, Mincha, Arvit. In that world up above there is no need for such things, no clocks or watches required in the world of eternity. You finished the job when you are done! If not it is Eternal life, for better or worse; in the heavenly paradise or in Kafakella (the slingshot). I was extremely frustrated by the situation and I got it very well as they say in our common language down here: "I ate it hard!"

There was no one to help me, no one to advocate my case, nope. No no to say anything good about me, absolutely no one! Suddenly, one of the Dayanim (Judges), the one sitting on the left, I saw him talking, he lowered his body to the other Dayanim (Judges) and talked to them, but I couldn't hear what he was telling them! I was waiting for the worse, waiting to see, what will happen with me? What will they do with me? 

I was still in deep sorrow! Crying big! I then realized that the person sitting on my left was actually my defense attorney. I did not know that all this time, I didn’t get their distinctive role and names at first, because I was confused, terrified with fear, I couldn't think! He suddenly asked me, "Why do you want to go back down to the earth?" 

And I told him, "Who will take care of my children if I die?" As soon as I mentioned my children, I was given permission to look down and saw them asleep on the bed. I saw all of them; my children, my husband as well as my own body lying on the bed! When I saw that my heart was torn with tears in my eyes! Oh my children – I thought that I was going to leave them forever! "Please! Only for the sake of children will you bring me back." 

There was silence! The defense attorney continues to ask me: "What is your goal? What will you do if you went down there again? What will you do if they released you from this court? Do you Promise to do Te’shuvah, will you repent?" And I shout: "Yes! Sure! Yes!" I didn't think they would give me a chance to repent.

If you are willing to do Teshuvah. There is a chance. Do you really promise? Of course, I shouted: "Yes." There is a chance, there's a chance for you to go back to life! Now he asked me again: "Do you promise you will repent?"  I shouted: "Yes!" And again: "Promise us here that you will repent?" I shouted again this time: "Yes!"

As soon as I finished the three "promises", which is actually "strong" commitment in Judaism, it is a Neder (a vow), I have to meet this heavenly legal bound commitment now! I cannot play games with this!" No bargain and addict! No bias! No bribes! there's nothing! Only true! Only true! Once I was released ... I didn't know they would be releasing me; I just realized that after three times I said, "Yes," now what is about to happen ... 

What really happened is that I returned, my soul, my whole being, my whole being, it all went back to the body through my nose! I entered my body through my nostrils! As it says in the book of Genesis, when God created man; "And (God) breathed into him, a breath of life," I could still see the tunnels of my nose, and I went inside my body. I filled my body, and my breath returned! I breathed, open my eyes! And I got up! I screamed! I cried! I woke up my husband. 

I told him I was in the tribunal! I had never used that concept of a heavenly tribunal before, but I knew right away where I was! I can’t describe the joy! I can't describe the appreciation for the new life I was given! I just can't explain it. I got all up in the morning still shaking in fear! ... Of course I didn't sleep for the rest of that night, but when I got out of bed for a normal day, and although this world seemed to be ordinary, I knew I was dead and came back to life! 

Immediately I started repeating the huge answer! I then went immediately to buy all the necessary clothing, got into it! I made a real answer! Of course it was a quick answer out of fear; But the day after of course I was still on fire ..

God nevertheless loved me, out of love he did not want to give up on me! He could have taken me up, and that’s it; but no, Apparently not! I was still dear to him. I believe every Jew is dear to him! I had made a real commitment, I'm married to a secular husband! I didn’t know how it was going to be. But my husband has also joined me in the work of T’shuvah for a while and he tried to observe the Shabbats, because he did not pray, it did not speak to him - it is something that should come from his heart! 

He didn't really know and he could not understand; so it didn't last! In fact, four months later everything fell apart! I started to go down and down in spirituality slowly, slowly. I love my husband and I relate to him. We've been together for many years and because of that I was deteriorating and falling back again, in fact I almost went back to the same secular state I was in before the incident happened; however, I always had it in mind, I know I don't have time to play around! 

My watch is ticking! They are looking at me from Heaven! I'm being filmed all the time from heaven, I am always on the heavenly camera, my pictures are up there! I know there is no use for more crimes against heaven, no use for other offenses! When you do an offense, you really don't enjoy it. Know the truth! I know God sees!

He is such a kind and merciful God! He is such a patient God, how long he waited for me. Let's tell you how long he waited for me. It's been a few years ... "Oh my!" It was 27, now I am 38. Finally divorced at the end! My husband couldn't understand what I was going through ... and we didn’t speak the same language anymore - I know I saw and went through Lemala. I have no time to waste! God was always there waiting for me, even when I was still secular woman, Yet He was there!

I hope this will give insight to the people who were up in there spiritual life and fell, I like I went up and fell back down! But it is encouraging to know that it is written: "Seven times shall the righteous fall and rise up again," one should not be afraid to get up again another time! Just get up! Re-shake the dust off your clothes and get up vigorously! Go back up to Daddy in the heaven once again, because Daddy is waiting and he sees everything!

And so I got divorced! I bought an apartment, God won me. I got my apartment. I live with my three children! I am single parent! Working, barely making a living, but respectfully. 

One day I heard a knock on my door, I went to greet a young man! I was washing dishes when that happened, I asked him: "How did you get here? "On the Fourth floor, with no elevator, it was summer! A Hot day! He was all dressed in black! I say to him:" Where did you come from? "He said to me:" From Jerusalem". "And how did you get to Kfar Saba?" But I came from Jerusalem, I didn't even knock on any other door, I went straight to your door! ", The last door in the building actually. 

And I say to him:" Who sent you? ", Just a question I didn't even think about what it meant! So he tells me:" The Rabbi sent me to you! "He murmurs quietly. I tell him:" Who is your rabbi? "And he shows me a picture - It was the picture of my defense attorney in heaven, the same one to whom I had promised that I would do Teshuvah (repent) in the court of LeMa'ala! That was his rabbi! This righteous rabbi was my defense attorney in the court of heaven! He saved me! He released me! He brought my soul back to my body!

I was all in shock! I was shaking! I realized that the rabbi had now come to take my promise and this time I have no excuses! And I have to keep my word, because probably my watch is running out! The hourglass is about to end! Waited for me a long time! Realize it was hard for me, see my desire; The will is highly regarded in heaven, but so it must be done! 

I realized that my defense attorney was back to tell me that it was time. I took it upon myself to make Teshuvah! Of course I told Abrach, who is his rabbi. He already knew! I'm not the first to tell him that his rabbi is indeed a Tzaddik (righteous one) and a holy man who helps people like me, like I was in trouble. I immediately made Teshuvah - a true repentance, with all my heart! Bulldozer pushing forward! I dedicated myself, and I went to work every day, and still come home, shut down, pray and committed myself to God,  and do everything possible to be dedicated! Get dedicated! 

And that gave me the Zechut to marry a godly man. It's been about three months since I got married to a God-fearing man, which is a real miracle in itself! miracle! A Miracle, a visible one! A real heavenly guy! From the "Shmuel" Yeshiva in Rabbi Grainman Shlita, Petah Tikva, the name says it all. A righteous yeshiva! I won a good husband! And most importantly - A God fearing man!


Now I just want to save the precious and important Israelites, you know, those are things that you haven't heard about before! Things you didn't know! I was judged on immodesty very harshly! This is something that all the women of Israel should know: that every woman who walks in unassuming attire, for all the evil pimps, and thieves on the city streets to surround her with thousands of spiritual pests created from her own behaviour and immodesty! 

And such a woman becomes a factory for saboteur angels! Whenever you walk unobtrusively and attract the attention of every single male out there - you will get an evil angel (a being of destruction to sabotage your life) for every minute a man looks at you, lusting at your bare flesh (halfnaked) - And the same man lusting after your body, he creates for himself an angel of destruction as well, which will cause him harm from his own iniquity, when he looked at you! Because he must not do so! 

Your destructive angels make a bridge among them, and now they have permission to harm you, and you have permission to harm them as well! And such a corrupted angel would go up to God and say to him, "Who will feed and who will support me?" And God says to him, "I am the one who feeds and starve whomever!" “I am the one who gives life and takes it back”.


Because it is God's world. He has to feed the whole creation! And he feels sorry for the entire creation! He is good! As he strains you, he also strains the destroyer you created! And this destroyer is waiting for this woman! After a hundred and twenty years when she gets back up to the heavenly court she is paid back for all evil torment! However, it is good to know that, if she does repent here on earth before she dies - it is all deleted! You can delete those evil episodes from the bad movie! You can delete all the pests! When you do a complete Teshuvah - you can delete all the pests right down here!

Don't wait for the moment they will knock on the door of your soul's! Don't wait to be taken out before you repent! Don't wait to be interrupted in mid-life! I was up there! In the end, I returned to God! I returned in awe! It became love!

God allowed me to come back in fear! It later becomes a great love! It's gratitude! It's a joy to have someone to lean on! But unfortunately, I was relying on a man who has no armrest, a man who has no real faith in his Creator who created him and his soul – I was in fact leaning on a broken barrel! But there is nothing more powerful than God? We are Jews, we are all committed! Whether you want to hurt anyone or not - for better or worse! I am a living testimony here to say: This day, the day of death is the worst! There is nothing, and nothing!

If I hadn't come back - then I wouldn't be here to tell you about it! So here we are both of us; you and me right! God bless you!

Succeed in all your work!



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