Acquiring Divine Knowledge


The Creator wants you to know Him more than believing
1. Knowledge is to be mainly in the heart. Because it is the best Kli (vessel) to receive and maintain Daat (Divine knowledge). Head knowledge anyone may have. Even the people from the idolatrous nations have and accumulate knowledge, but it is not the Divine one that is better obtained with the heart. The real knowledge is mainly when it is in the heart. And there in the heart is the place of fear. It is the way we must know HaShem (The Eternal) in our heart and not in our mind alone.
Meaning that one should draw and attach his mind into his heart, until terror, fear, and fright fall upon him as a result of the greatness of the Eternal - until he awakens to Avodat HaShem (to serve Him) in truth, until he merits to learn the fear of the loftiness [Learning to fear the Eternal, as opposed to fearing His punishment], that he'll know Whom he should fear. And this is a merit that is obtained through Hitbodedut, through self-examination and judging oneself, and by this means the hidden light is attained. (From Likutei Moharan I, 15)


2. It is important to know that all of the sorrows in life, that all the troubles you are going through; and why are you exiled, away from your community, your family? And why are you lacking so many things? - Are in lack of Parnassah (livelihood)? You can not have children? Troubles with your physical health? - Know that it is all only in accordance with the measure of lack of divine knowledge in our life that all these other lacks exist. So when the divine knowledge is made whole, then all lacks and needs are met or made whole (meaning there will be no more lacks).
The eternal life in the future will be obtained mainly because of knowledge that will be attainable then. Know that the divine knowledge will be increased and everyone will know HaShem (The Eternal God) and it is via this same knowledge that we’ll be included in His oneness and then we'll live eternal life like Him. For through the knowledge of Him are [people] included in His inner essence, which is the main yearning of the world to come.


Therefore, it is highly necessary to guard the knowledge, as well as our thoughts, to ensure that they will be sanctified and that they will remain holy. We must ensure to guard ourselves from evil thoughts and to always dwell on thoughts of Torah and Avodat HaShem [Divine Service]; and to endeavour to acquire and to get into the holy knowledge, upon which everything depends. (From Likutei Moharan I, 21)


3. Attaining trustworthiness pertaining to the divine knowledge and wisdom is impossible, unless we put the effort that is required to sanctify the 7 cavities in our face which represents the Menorah (the Candelabra of the Temple). The Seven holes in our face are like seven portals; which are namely: mouth (1), nostrils (2), eyes (2), and ears (2). They are the seven openings of the face which correspond to the seven lights (7 lamps in the 7 branches) of the menorah.
As a whole it means that we must guard ourselves from bringing deceit out of our Mouth; with Yirat Shamayim (the fear of Heaven) that we got, which is the holiness of the Nostrils; having Emunah (trust, belief and faithfulness) in the Sages, which is the holiness of the Ears: to believe in them and to listen to their words; and close our Eyes from seeing evil. And through this, he'll merit the knowledge that is complete, and upon which all depends. And through that as well, we will merit to have the Holy Enthusiasm of the heart, because enthusiasm of the heart is born out of the movement coming from the intellect.  


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