סגולה & סגולות

The Creator of all things, the Eternal, the Almighty, and Holy God, blessed be He, Said to the Jews: “Now [oh Israel] therefore, if you will pay attention to listen to My voice, and keep My Brit (Covenant - Genesis 17:10), then you will be my Segulah from among all the nations; Because the whole of planet earth is Mine [Exodus 19:5]. That’s why you (oh Israel) are a holy people for the Eternal your God. The Eternal your God has chosen you to be His Segulah, out of all peoples and nations that are upon the face of the earth. [Deut. 7:6].”
Segulah is a Hebrew word to say "remedy" or "protection"[in the spiritual sense]. A Segulah or Segulot in plural, is a protective or benevolent charm or a biblical ritual with great supernatural power in the Secrets of the Torah and in Jewish Oral tradition, which is responsible for passing down the Torah the generations.
So yes, a remedy. Israel is God’s medicine to heal and correct the broken creation - Israel as a community of Jews altogether upholds the Covenant of the Brit Milah, then the nation as a unity is called a Segulah. Avodat HaShem, the service of God that Israel does is a Tikkun for the nations of the world and the entire universe; and as every single Jew listen to the voice of God and keeps the Brit (of circumcision), each one is thereby holding his own part, and remains a unique individual Segulah (a Remedy or Tikkun) in his community, family, city, business and workplace; therefore all the Jews together are Segulot to save and rescue God’s creation.
Some people might say, oh well that’s nice, but I just want to be like a Goy, no Shabbat sanctification, no Mitzvot, no Judaism. However, If you are really Jewish, you are not allowed to be anything else. God takes your refusal very seriously, rejecting to be God’s remedy (Segulah) carries with very serious consequences. Why? Why can’t I choose to be a Goy or a member of Leumim (Non-Jewish nations)?
Because by rejecting to be Jewish is not only a personal matter, it is considered like if you were destroying the whole earth with all its inhabitants. Well, isn’t that a little bit harsh? Maybe, but that’s what it is. The Eternal God declared that the continual existence for the whole universe depends on the Jews. God placed his Covenant with the Sun, Moon, stars, day, and night and attached to the Jews; he had promised to them that their continuation is dependent on the Jews; namely Israel and their Torah study. [Jeremiah 33 verse 20 and verse 25-26]
Furthermore, HaShem says: “And as for Me, this is what My covenant with them (the Jews), entails; It is that My spirit which is upon you, and My words (of Torah) which I have put in your mouth, shall not depart out of your mouth, nor out of the mouth of your seed (offspring), nor out of the mouth of your grandchildren and out of the mouth of their own offspring; and this is valid from this moment on unto all eternity [Isaiah 59:21].”
According to Rabbi Chaim Ben Moshe Ibn Attar also known as the Ohr Ha'Chaim, he said that a Segulah is "a charm that supersedes logic". In other words, seeking to understand it, is not an easy thing. God's Segulah confuses even angels, so much so that they went on to asked HaShem, and telling him, "why would he attached so much importance to these humans (the Jews)", and the angels asked: "What is man that you care so much for them and you put the whole creation under them [Psalm 8:4-6]?" This verses are showing the importance of the Jews as God’s Segulah; they are only humans, yet God attached the whole creation to these human beings:
And so they say, "oh Eternal God, When I gaze at the wonders of your heavens, which are the handy work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have established; So then what is man, that you are so mindful about him? What are the humans, that you think so highly about them? Yet you made human so weak as compared to the angels, but then you have crowned him with glory and honour. You have made him to have dominion over the works (Heaven and earth) of your hands; You basically have put all things under his feet.”
[Chaim Ben Moshe Ibn Attar also known as the Or Ha’Chaim after his popular book of commentary based on the Tanakh, Ohr Ha’Chaim was a Talmudist and Kabbalist; born at Meknes, Morocco, in 1696; he made Aliyah and died in Jerusalem, under the Ottoman Empire on July 7, 1743. He was one of the most prominent Rabbis in Morocco].
The root of this word, Segol, is the name of a Hebrew vowel-point represented by three dots. In the secrets of the Torah and the oral Torah we are taught that there is also one of the angel representing the Segol symbol and that this particular angel is connected with the flow of energy that is distributed in one specific day of the week, and that each day of the week has an angel assigned to it.


Following is a list of popular Segulot.
1) Distributing Chai Rotel (about 54 litres) of drink at the grave of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai in Meron, Israel on Lag Ba'Omer is considered a propitious remedy for infertility, as well as for helping a person find his soul mate or recover from serious illness.
2) Acting as Kvatterin for a baby boy at his Brit Milah (Circumcision) is a Segulah for childless couples to have children of their own.
3) Eating an Etrog or Etrog Jam facilitates an easy childbirth.
4) Drinking from the waters of Ein Sataf in Israel prevents a breech birth.
5) Wearing a ruby helps prevent miscarriage and eases birth. Ingesting ground up rubies enhances the chance of pregnancy.


6) Wearing a red string
7) Wearing a red string cut from a longer length that has been wound around Rachel's Tomb
is an ancient tradition that protects the wearer from danger.
8) Giving Tzedaka (charity) money to a traveller to donate when he arrives at his destination
helps protect the traveller from harm.
9) Concentrating on the phrase "Ein Od Milvado"
which is Hebrew word for: "There is none other than Him [the Eternal God]"
This shields a person from danger.


10) Praying at the grave of Rabbi Jonathan Ben Uziel in Amuka, in Israel is considered propitious Segulah for finding one’s soul mate within the coming year after the prayer.
11) Praying at the Kotel (Western Wall also known as the wailing wall). This must be done for 40 consecutive days, and it is considered a Segulah for finding one’s mate.

12) Holding the Jewellery of a bride while she is escorted to her Chuppah (a Canopy used for the wedding ceremony), it is a Segulah for finding one’s own mate.


13) Buying a burial plot is a Segulah for a long life.
14) Placing a pigeon on a person’s navel is efficacious Segulah for curing jaundice.
15) Giving Tzedaka (charity) in the Merit of Rabbi Meir Baal Ha'Nes
is a Segulah for finding a lost object.
16) Buying a new knife for Rosh HaShanah (Jewish New Year) is a propitious remedy for (Parnassah) livelihood.
17) One can hang a special note around the neck of a chicken and use it to identify a thief.

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