Seir = 300 = Germany was created by 300 Tribes

Predicted in the Talmud

The Jews are an Eternal people

Over 300 years ago King Louis XIV of France asked Pascal BLAISE, the great French philosopher, to give him proof of the supernatural. Pascal answered: "Why, the Jews, your Majesty ― the Jews are the proof that the supernatural exist." 

An astonishing answer. The best proof of the supernatural that Pascal could think of was: "The Jews." 

We don't have to speculate what Pascal meant when he gave this answer, because he took the trouble to spell it out. (See Pensees, para. 620, p. 285.) Pascal said that the fact that the Jewish people survived until the 17th century ― to the time period when he was living ― was nothing short of a supernatural phenomenon. 

There simply was no logical explanation for it.


Yaakov Avinu Lo Met

Mark Twain (aka Samuel Clemens), the great American writer, who was an agnostic and a self-acknowledged skeptic, penned this in 1899 in Harper's Magazine:

"The Egyptian, the Babylonian, and the Persian rose, filled the planet with sound and splendor, then faded to dream-stuff and passed away. The Greek and Roman followed, made a vast noise and they are gone. Other peoples have sprung up, and held their torch high for a time, but it burned out and they sit in twilight now or have vanished. The Jew saw them all, beat them all, and is now what he always was, exhibiting no decadence, no infirmities of age, no weakening of his parts, no slowing of his energies, no dulling of his alert and aggressive mind. All things are mortal, but the Jew. All other forces pass, but he remains. What is the secret of his immortality?"


On January 16, 1996, then President of Israel, Ezer Weizmann, gave a speech to both Houses of Parliament of Germany. He gave this speech in Hebrew to the Germans, fifty years after the Holocaust, and in it he beautifully summed up what Jewish history is. He said:

"It was fate that delivered me and my contemporaries into this great era when the Jews returned to re-establish their homeland ...

"I am no longer a wandering Jew who migrates from country to country, from exile to exile. But all Jews in every generation must regard themselves as if they had been there in previous generations, places and events. Therefore, I am still a wandering Jew but not along the far flung paths of the world. Now I migrate through the expanses of time from generation to generation down the paths of memory...

"I was a slave in Egypt. I received the Torah on Mount Sinai. Together with Joshua and Elijah I crossed the Jordan River. I entered Jerusalem with David and was exiled with Zedekiah. And I did not forget it by the rivers of Babylon. When the Lord returned the captives of Zion I dreamed among the builders of its ramparts. I fought the Romans and was banished from Spain. I was bound to the stake in Mainz. I studied Torah in Yemen and lost my family in Kishinev. I was incinerated in Treblinka, rebelled in Warsaw, and emigrated to the Land of Israel, the country from where I have been exiled and where I have been born and from which I come and to which I return.

"I am a wandering Jew who follows in the footsteps of my forebearers. And just as I escort them there and now and then, so do my forebearers accompany me and stand with me here today.

"I am a wandering Jew with the cloak of memory around my shoulders and the staff of hope in my hand. I stand at the great crossroads in time, at the end of the twentieth century. I know whence I come and with hope and apprehension I attempt to find out where I am heading.


Bereshit 32:4 And Jacob sent Malachim (messengers) ahead of him to Esav, his brother unto the land of Seir, in the field of Edom. 

1) Why did Yaakov sent Angels instead of simple humans to fulfill this mission?

2) Why did the text of the Torah had to be so specific about the fact that the Malachim were sent by Yaakov "Ahead of him"?

3) Why is the Torah repeating that Esav is the brother of Yaakov?

4) Why did Yaakov sent Angels to "Seir", which appears to be the wrong address, when we know that Esav was not yet living there, only 4 chapters after Yaakov Aliah to Israel did Esav actually moved to Seir?

5) The Malachim went to that Address in Seir and came back with terrifying news to Yaakov. Why did they tell Yaakov that Esav is coming "himself" to meet with you with 400 men?

6)  Why was it so necessary for the Torah to specifically mention the number "400"?

7)  What sin was Yaakov so afraid of, he didn't commit any, besides HaShem had promised to protect him? In the Pasuk of Bereshit 32:8 we read that Yaakov was terrified. But the Talmud tells us that he wasn't scared for himself, but he fear that there might be some sin in the future that would open the door for Esav to destroy the Jews, Chas Ve'Shalom! 

8) Why did the Torah say in that Pasuk that Yaakov had divided his family and that he had 24 hours distance between them in the fear that if Esav came and hit part of them the others will survive? However when Esav finally got there to meet Yaakov we see that the whole family was together, all of them were introduced to Esav, when he asked: "who are these?" There was no division of the family at all.


Yaakov Avinu Lo Met - Our father Yaakov is not dead, in other words our father Yaakov lives forever in his descendent, the Jews. Aval Gam Esav Lo Met - However, it is important to know that Esav also lives in his descendents. It is a well known fact that Esav hates Yaakov, it is not secret. Amalek is the grand son of Esav and he inherited the hatred of his grandfather Esav.

A Question: What does Rabbi Shimon mean when he says "It is a law that Esav hates Jacob"? What kind of "law" is this? That's a strange term to use. He could say that Esav (The Western Nations who inherited the Greco-Roman culture) hate the Jews. But to call this a law is quite unusual. And if is a "law" why is this case an exception?


An Answer: There are laws of countries and laws of nature. Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai is saying something very profound. Esav's hatred of Israel – Gentile anti-Semitism, is akin to a law of nature. It is immutable. It is everlasting. It need not be rational to be. It just is. Each generation of Jews has experienced anti-Semitism in one form or another for over three thousand years. Each generation tries to understand why the nations of the world have an antipathy for Jews. Once it is explained as being due to the Jews being rich (as the Protocols of the Elders of Zion claimed – "Jews control the powers in the whole world"); sometimes it is because Jews are poor and always begging. Sometimes it's because they are materialistic capitalists; sometimes because they are revolutionary communists. Sometimes because they are backward and uncouth; sometimes because they are too cultured and high society. Sometimes because they are parasites in foreign lands and have no country of their own; sometimes because they do have a country of their own. On and on it goes.


The phenomenon of anti-Semitism defies any rational attempt to explain it. It is not rational just as any law of nature is not rational. It just is.

So there is this eternal hatred of Esav and there is the Amalek element hiding within every generation and people that vows to destroy the Jews even with God's presence there and protection for what HaShem promise in the Pasuk of Shemot 17:16 

"And he said: 'There is hand upon the throne of God: HaShem will have war with Amalek from generation to generation." But what people or people group is Edom and who is Amalek today?


Having mentioned Edom, the Gemara cites what Rabbi Yitzḥak said: What is the meaning of that which is written: “Let favor be shown to the wicked, yet will he not learn righteousness; in the land of uprightness he will deal wrongfully, and will not behold the majesty of the Lord” (Isaiah 26:10)? 

Isaac said before the Holy One, Blessed be He: Master of the Universe, let favor be shown to Esav, my beloved son. 

God said to him: Esav is wicked. 
Isaac said to God: “Yet will he not learn righteousness,” i.e., is there no one who can find merit in him? 

God said to him: “In the land of uprightness he will deal wrongfully,” meaning that he is destined to destroy Eretz Yisrael. 

Isaac said to God: If it is so that he is that wicked, “he will not behold the majesty of the Lord.” 

And Rabbi Yitzḥak also said: 

What is the meaning of that which is written by king David: “Grant not, O Lord, the desires of the wicked; further not his evil device, so that they not exalt themselves. Selah” (Psalms 140:9)? 

This is in fact Yaakov's prayer to God when he was terrified before meeting Esav, his brother, after the angels have returned with the scary message they brought to him from the future Edom / Adolf Hitler.

Jacob said before the Holy One, Blessed be He: Master of the Universe, grant not to the wicked Esav the desires of his heart, as he wishes to destroy us. Further not his evil device [zemamo]; do not remove the muzzle [zamam] that constrains him and prevents him from breaking out and gathering further strength. This is a reference to Germamya (Germany) of Edom, i.e., Germany, which is near the land of Edom, i.e., Rome. As, if the Germans would go forth, they would destroy the entire world.


That sounds very convincing, but how can we be so sure that this Germamia that the Talmud is talking about is really talking about the modern European country called Germany today?:

Because Rabbi Ḥama Bar Ḥanina also said: There are three hundred young princes with crowns tied to their heads in this Germamya of Edom, and there are three hundred (300) and sixty-five chieftains [marzavnei] in Rome. Every day these go out to battle against those, and one of them is killed, and they are preoccupied with appointing a new king in his place. Since neither side is united, neither side is able to achieve a decisive victory. It is these wars between Rome and the Germanic tribes that act as a muzzle upon Esau-Edom-Rome and prevent it from becoming too strong.

Wikipedia:  The Germans are a Germanic people, who as an ethnicity emerged during the Middle Ages. Originally part of the Holy Roman Empire, around 300 independent German states emerged during its decline after the Peace of Westphalia in 1648 ending the Thirty Years War, with Austria and Prussia-Brandenburg being the largest.

The story is told about the great Rabbi Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld, the revered spiritual leader who lived in the Old City of Jerusalem at the turn of the century. When the German Kaiser Wilhelm visited Jerusalem in 1898, Rabbi Sonnenfeld refused to greet him. He explained that the Kaiser exhibited the classic signs of Amalek. Many great leaders throughout history have explained that Germamia is indeed Germany, people such as Vilna Gaon [Yoma 10b], Rashi [said that our Germamia or Ashkenaz is Germany], Rabbi Yaakov Endem [Megillah 6b] etc.

It is clear that this is referring to the Germany of our days. We know that Amalek wasn't simply a nation of murderous criminals. They were fighting against God Himself, as the verse say, they “did not fear God" (Deuteronomy 25:18). When the Jews were in Egypt, everyone had heard of the great miracles that occurred such as the ten plagues and the splitting of the Red Sea. The Jewish people were a reflection of the Divine Will and Purpose. An attack on the Jews was by default and attack on God. This was manifested by the fact that Amalek threw the castrated organs toward Heaven, in defiance of God, as if to say, “We despise the holy covenant of Brit Milah.”

The Talmud explains the language of the verse: "[Amalek] happened (karcha) upon you..." (Deut. 25:18). The Hebrew word karcha is related to the word kar, meaning "cold." That is to say: Amalek cooled the Jews off. When the Jews came out of Egypt, all the nations were afraid to challenge the God of the Jews. But Amalek came, did battle, and – even though they were defeated militarily – they nevertheless paved the way for others.


Jacob said before the Holy One, Blessed be He: Master of the Universe, grant not to the wicked Esav the desires of his heart, as he wishes to destroy us. Further not his evil device [zemamo]; do not remove the muzzle [zamam] that constrains him and prevents him from breaking out and gathering further strength. This is a reference to Germamya (Germany) of Edom, i.e., Germany, which is near the land of Edom, i.e., Rome. As, if the Germans would go forth, they would destroy the entire world. Psalms 140:9

Esav the rashá with the Cochot Ha'Tumah, the 400 forces of evil wanted to obtain a kingdom of a thousand years to rule the world with the tenacity of iron. And he almost got it, if it wasn't for the prayer of Yaakov Avinu and David Ha'Melech he would have been successful. As we see above the Master of the Universe through the sages told us where, how, and the name of the Kingdom in the Acharit Ha'Yamim that was going to be establishing it. Yaakov Avinu sent Malachim to the very end to see what the Rashah was preparing and nullified in his prayer.

Seir = שעיר] = 300] = Germany was created by 300 Tribes, Predicted in the Talmud 

Guermania or Nazi Germany, officially known as the German Reich until 1943 and the German Great Reich in 1943-1945, was the German state between 1933 and 1945, when Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party controlled the country that they transformed into the dictatorship of Germania. Under Hitler, Germany quickly became a totalitarian state where almost all aspects of life were controlled by the government. 

Plan of the Projected Germania city of Adolf Hitler


Some people say that the Third Reich, which means "Third Kingdom" or "Third Empire", alluded to the Nazi presumption that Nazi Germany was the successor to the previous Germanic Roman Empire (800-1806) and the German Empire (1871-1918) . However, the architect of the Third Reich, which Hitler and the Nazis called the Thousand Year Reich knew exactly what they were doing and who they represented. 

The third Reich even had great plan to rebuild the city of Berlin to be the worthy capital of their New Empire that Hitler was creating. As unbelievable as it may sound the name that Hitler chose was the name predicted so long ago in the Jewish writings: Germania. That was the projected renewal of the German capital Berlin during the Nazi period, part of Adolf Hitler's vision for the future of Nazi Germany after the planned victory in World War II. He had chosen Albert Speer, to be the "first architect of the Third Reich". Albert was in charge of the plans for the rebuilt city in his capacity and overseer of the project. 

Some of the projects were completed, such as the creation of a great East–West city axis, which included broadening Charlottenburger Chaussee (today Straße des 17. Juni) and placing the Berlin victory column in the centre, far away from the Reichstag, where it originally stood. Others, however, such as the creation of the Grosse Halle (Great Hall), had to be shelved owing to the beginning of war. A great number of the old buildings in many of the planned construction areas were, however, demolished before the war, and eventually defeat stopped the plans. 

It was Adolf Hitler himself who conceived the rebuilding of Berlin to be the capital of the new world he would be instrumental in creating, and he provided the new name for it, 'Germania'. According to records of Hitler's "table talk" of 8 June 1942, Hitler's purpose in the renaming was in order to give a Greater Germanic world empire of the New Order a clear central point: 

Hitler even considers the reengineering and renaming of Berlin as Germania to be a very good thing as the worthy Capital for the Third Reich', we'll have given considerable driving force to this task. The name Germania for the Reich capital would be very appropriate, for in spite of how far removed those belonging to the Germanic racial core will be, this capital would instill a sense of unity.


The Gematria of Esav is 377

The Gematria of Adolf Hitler is 377

Esav Equal Adolf Hitler

Seir = 300 Cities

1) Malachim -  Yaakov Avinu dispatched Angels because they were able to transcend time (able to) travelling beyond the generations to pay a visit to the Esav of the future which is Adolf Hitler himself. The Gematria of Esav is the same as the one for Adolf Hitler. Yaakov was curious to know what was his hateful brother cooking for his children in the future of Esav.

2) Lefanav - Yaakov avinu sent the angels Lefanav - ahead of him in time.

3) El Esav Achiv - This Esav, this Adolf Hitler in the Future is the very same brother of Yaakov.

4) Seir = 300 Cities - And the Gemara speaks about 300 tribes to Germania.

5) The Angels informed to Yaakov Avinu that Adolf Hitler of Germania was Esav Himself coming to meet the Jews.

Two Tav Upside Down

6) 400 men accompany Esav - The numerical value of 400 here seems to be represented by Nazis' Swastikas cross which is literally two letter Tav [] one on top of the other. The letter Tav [ת] has a numerical value of 400 and it represents all the evil forces - Just like the Alef represents the Good forces the Tav represents all the evil forces.

7) What was the sin that terrified Yaakov? Yaakov might have had no sin to worry about, but the Israel, which is his children, The Jews, had accumulated enough guilt to prevent the good forces from eliminating the evil ones, leaving them in full control to wreck havoc against Am Israel. There must be merit to be able to fight evil - without Torah, without Avodat HaShem - With assimilation, the comunism, the reform movement and the rejection of all form of Kedushah; all that paved the way for a strong Esav Ha'Rashah who was able to break loose when Israel neglected the Brit. As it is written: "And by your sword shall thou live, and you shall serve your brother (Yaakov); and it shall come to pass when you shall break loose, that you shall shake his yoke from off your neck" (Bereshit 27:40).

8) The division of Yaakov family into two camps means the religious and the secular Jews - The world of Torah and the world opposing the Torah with all the Mitzvot.


Our sages were not the only ones to leave us clear indications about the kingdom of the Rashah, but also Esther and Mordechai left us sign about the end of the Reshayim that seems to be the Gilgul of the children of Haman also a descendent of Esav via Agag, the king of Amalek.  

As the Nazi Julius Streicher reached the platform where he was going to be hanged, he cried out, 'Now it goes to God.' He was pushed the last two steps to the mortal spot beneath the hangman's rope. The rope was being held back against a wooden rail by the hangman.

Streicher was swung suddenly to face the witnesses and glared at them. Suddenly he screamed, 'Purim Fest 1946.' [Purim is a Jewish holiday celebrated in the spring, commemorating the execution of Haman, ancient persecutor of the Jews described in the Tanakh]…

Julius Streicher had been a Nazi since early in the movement’s history. He was the editor and publisher of the anti-Semitic newspaper "Das Strummer." In May of 1924 Streicher wrote and published an article on Purim titled "Das Purimfest" (The Festival of Purim). In order to publish his vitriolic attack Streicher must have had a good deal of knowledge about Jewish thought and practice or was he a Gilgul of one of the sons of Haman? 

However we can only speculate to what extent he was aware of the remarkable parallels between Haman and his own execution. They are indeed striking:

“And the king said to Esther the queen, ‘The Jews have slain and destroyed five hundred men in Shushan the capital, and the ten sons of Haman...Now whatever your petition, it shall be granted; whatever your request further, it shall be done.’

Then said Esther, ‘If it please the king, let it be granted to the Jews that are in Shushan to do tomorrow also as this day, and let Haman's ten sons be hanged upon the gallows.’ ” (Esther 9:12-14)

If Haman’s ten sons had already been killed, how could they hanged?

Our Sages comment on the word “tomorrow" in Esther's request: "There is a tomorrow that is now, and a tomorrow which is later." (Tanchuma, Bo 13 and Rashi, Shemot 13:14).

In the Megillah, the names of Haman’s ten sons are written very large and in two columns. This is in distinct contrast to the style of the rest of the Megillah. The left-hand column contains the word v'et (and) ten times. According to our Sages the word v'et is used to denote replication. The inference is that another ten people were hanged in addition to Haman's ten sons.

If we examine the list of Haman's sons three letters are written smaller: the Tav of Parshandata, the Shin of Parmashta and the zayin of Vizata.

Those three letters together form taf-shin-zayin, the last three numbers of the Jewish year 5707, which corresponds to the secular year 1946, the year that those ten Nazi criminals were executed.

The Nuremberg trials were a military tribunal and thus the method of execution was usually by firing squad. The court, however, prescribed hanging. Esther’s request "Let Haman's ten sons be hanged" echoes down the ages,

Equally uncanny is that the date of the execution (October 16, 1946) fell on "Hoshana Rabba" (21 Tishrei), the day on which G-d seals the verdicts of Rosh Hashana for the coming year.

As the Megillah recounts, a decree that the king has sealed cannot be rescinded, and thus Achashverosh had to promulgate a second decree to allow the Jewish People to defend themselves. In other words, that first decree was never nullified.

Our Sages teach us that eventually the Jewish People will return to God either voluntarily, or if not, God will raise up another despot whose decrees will be “as severe as Haman” (Sanhedrin 97b).

When we look toward the place of our original encounter with Haman and see the rise of a fanatic whose rhetoric rivals our most vicious enemies, we should remember that history most often repeats itself for those who fail to learn its lessons.



Rabbi Ron Chaya

History Crash Course #67: The Miracle of Jewish History by
Aish Ha’Torah

Rashi on the Gamara of Tractate Meguillah 6b

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