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And he (Abraham) believed (Ve’ HeÆmin) in the Eternal; and it was given to him as righteousness (Tzedakah (Bereshit/ Genesis 15:6)).
And Abraham Believed. Really? Is that really what happened? Abraham just blindly believed and God made him a Tzadik (A righteous person). Actually, it is not as simple as the Greco-Roman world has made us believed.
In fact, Abraham didn’t just believe. Let’s see, if that translation is accurate; if Genesis 15:6 really means that he believed, then what happened two verses after? Why is Abraham still questioning God with doubt about the same fact?
Because Abraham didn’t just believe blindly as the Non-Jewish world wants to make us swallow. The word “He’Æmin” coming from the Hebrew word “Amen” does not just mean believe, it has a group of meanings just like the word Tzedakah does not just mean righteousness
There will be a new Covenant but will not be a book, testaments are not books, they are agreements between G-d and humans. The Bible is not a Testament (Covenant), there are many testaments or covenants in the Bible and they are not called New or old. From Abraham to Israel all Covenants are eternal. The following eternal covenants are in the Bible: The covenant with Noah with the rainbow as a sign; The covenant with Abraham, with the circumcision as a sign; The Shabbat is another covenant; and the covenant with Israel on Mount Sinai which include all the other covenants combined and more, etc. So what is the New Covenant mentioned in Jeremiah?

In the Torah we notice that polygamy has been legally accepted or somewhat left undisturbed all throughout history. However, one may note that Torah presents the original paradigm of marriage, in the fact that G-d had created only one wife to Adam. And that Adam and Eve remained monogamous. This being said Polygamy is not a sin. It is simply not forbidden in the Torah. So why Jews don't practice Polygamy today?

Simply because anything that is written can be erased, deleted or destroyed by someone. Therefore by not writing the names, we are preventing their desecration, G-d forbid. G-d has commanded that idols and false gods be destroyed including their names, but in regards to His Name, we are not to do the same. G-d cares both about His Name and reputation. Where do we learn that G-d cares about his reputation from?
The New Testament has no Divine Authority, for it was not given by G-d. As it is written there will never be another Torah than that which was given to Moshe (Moses). Testaments or Covenants are not books in the Bible, they are simply agreements made between G-d and man. See new Testament link above.

The emission of semen outside the context of intercourse is liken to desecration of the temple by death. The semen is connected to unborn souls, and it represents the destruction of creation, there is a deeper spiritual connection with unborn human's souls. So how to control nocturnal involuntary flow of semen (wet dreams)?

Ruth became Jewish by her own confession, she was the model of a good convert. She was already entitled to be Boaz wife, by being a childless widow of a close relative. What Yichud?

Fornication”, Well, before anything, fornication in the way Christians view it, frankly it does not exist. However, G-d forbid us to live a life of Prostitution. Every time you go with any woman with whom you are not married with, the Torah regards you as a prostitute, meaning a promiscuous life-style is sanctioned by G-d. Even if you are only enjoying the beauty of a female with your eyes without touching her is called prostitution in the Torah. So how do we remain pure?

The word "Mashiach" (Messiah) does not mean "saviour." There are many Messiahs in the Bible (many anointed people). The Mashiach Ben David (son of David) will be a great political leader descended from King David (Jeremiah 23:5). He is not someone coming to save people from sin, as mistakenly believed by many. The Mashiach is often referred to as "Mashiach Ben David" (Mashiach, son of David). He will be well-versed in Jewish law, and observant of its commandments (Isaiah 11:2-5). There are several individuals related to the end times that are believed to be anointed ones including a such Mashiach Ben Yoseph, or Ben Ephraim. All of these are common men who would be leaders of the Jewish people in difficult times.

The word Messiah or Mashiach simply means anointed one. There are many anointed people in the Bible, mostly all kings, but not all. And the Torah clearly prophesies about many future Messiah. As it is written in regards to the forefather, “Do not do any harm to my prophets, do not touch my Mashiachs.” King Shaul was called Mashiach, King David was called Mashiach, etc. And on this context we understand that also the future Mashiach will be a normal Jewish Leader anointed for the position of King, as will also be many other people anointed for different positions and roles in the Kingdom of G-d, all of them are Mashiachs (anointed ones). I Chronicles 16:22; G-d is the only saviour, but he anoints people to do His will .. Ovadiyah 1:21 So who are these saviours mentioned by Ovadiyah?
No one is allowed to add or remove from the Torah that G-d gave Israel on Mount Sinai. None of the Jewish writings is adding anything to, neither removing anything from the Torah. All Jewish writings including the Talmud, which actually means study of Torah (Talmud Torah in Hebrew) is adding anything, contrary to what you might have heard. The Talmud is an in-depth explanation on how to Keep the commandments in the Torah, and the core of it, the Mishna has simply been passed down from Moses all the way down to us.  


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